Prizes to Win

Gather points every day and participate in the daily draw to win a Convena gift up until Christmas. The main prize is an iPhone X and the more points you collect, the bigger chance you have of winning it on the 24th of December.

All winners of the daily draw will be contacted directly by their personal Account Manager.

The points for the main prize draw will be tallied on the 27th of December. The amount of tickets submitted in your favour depends on your total point score. The winner will be announced shortly hereafter.

View all prizes here

HP Spectre x360 laptop
Natalia Hansen

1 december:
5 x Christmas gift bag
Palle Gram
Nicolas Jørgensen
Jonas Winterqvist
Stephane Pellerin
Antal Honved

2 december:
1 x Bloom Bowl from Georg Jensen (Danish design) and a box of chocolate
Michael Härtel

3 december:
1 x Apple TV 4K
Anna Bogusz

4 december:
10 x Powerbank, 2000mAh & Chipolo Plus Bluetooth Tracker
Jan Nielsen
Sysser Pedersen
Lucien Rothacher
Marius Gavenas
Margherita Marreddu
Massimo Di Marzo
Andrzej Walendzik
Jorge Santos
Tobias Grosshans

5 december:
3 x Serving dish from Bitz (Danish design)
Mikko Marjamaa
Stefan Toftevall
Christian Bugelnig

6 december:
3 x Prixton Action Camera Multisport 4K
Frank Dobrindt
Lando Kerssemeeckers
Łukasz Ładziak

7 december:
1 x WOOFit Go Speaker, blue
Morten Andreasen

8 december:
1 x HP Sprocket Photo Printer
Alex Bongertman

9 december:
1 x Rum and chocolate gift bag
Andrea Conte

10 december:
1 x Marshall Kilburn Speaker, white
Peter Wikström

11 december:
1 x ADAX All Inclusive suitcases

12 december:
5 x Sweet Christmas
Sture Isaksen
Lulu Høegh
Boris Limbach
Stephen Radford
Roger Pereira

13 december:
1 x Damask Bedding & towels from Georg Jensen (Danish design)
Simon Walker

14 december:
5 x Clatronic smoothie maker Smoothie Twister blender
Mathias Boberg
Simone Tröbs
Vivek Valsalan
Atli Hentze

15 december:
5 x Luxury chocolates
Kevin Schwebel
Patryk Parol
Arno Lamens
Roger Jonsson
Patricia MARXER

16 december:
1 x Champagne party

17 december:
1 x Nespresso coffee machine, Expert&Milk, Black
Charlotte Petersen

18 december:
1 x HP Elite x3 Smartphone incl. dock
Mark M Reid

19 december:
10 x Box of chocolate ‘Gin frogs’
Anders Lundqvist
Helle Lausch
Andrej Protega
Kenneth Evavold
Eva Schnaubelt
Peter Löfvenberg

20 december:
1 x Skagerak Dania Stool/Storage (Danish design)
Holger Hessel

21 december:
2 x Northface Backpack
Simon Brunet
Michael Kragt

22 december:
5 x Green Christmas gift bag
Stefan Toftevall
Andrus Lilleväli
Morten Gunnersen
Michaela Klawon
Celine Pinna

23 december:
1 x Apple Watch Series 3
Eric Haverkort

24 december:
1 x iPhone X
Marina Knudsen