About the calendar

Welcome to Convena’s Christmas event.

To participate in the Advent calendar, you must be an IT dealer, IT supplier or existing B2B customer at Convena Distribution. (This event is for IT-business customers only).

When participating in Convena’s Advent calendar, you will receive a daily e-mail reminder where you get direct access to the question of the day. This will help you gather points every day and participate in the daily draw to win a Convena gift up until Christmas. If you don’t want the daily reminder, you can easily unsubscribe this in each e-mail.

The more points you collect, the bigger chance you have of winning the main prize on the 24th of December. The main prize is the new iPhone X.

The points for the main prize draw will be tallied on the 27th of December. The amount of tickets submitted depends on your total point score. The winner will be announced shortly hereafter.

A complete profile with correct information is needed to be eligible to win the prizes in the daily Christmas draw.

All winners of the daily draw will be contacted directly by Convena Distribution.

All your data is stored securely and will not be sold to any third party.